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Paper & wood Sculptures

Paper and wood Barn owl sculpture


MADE TO ORDER. Custom orders available.

This life-size Barn owl sculpture is completely handmade from scratch down to every detail. I don't have any in stock so there is a slight waiting time on each piece. Each barn owl takes me between 80-100 hours to complete.

The body is hand carved from a solid piece of Lime wood, eye sockets are hollowed out and acrylic plastic balls set in for the eyes then create eye lids from air dry clay.

Next I move onto the wire frames for the wings and wire skeletons for the feet, forming them and setting them into the wooden body. Then using air dry clay I create the talons and feet so they look life like.

Then i paint the whole body, face and feet with acrylic paints, adding detail and definition.

Now onto the lengthy process of cutting each and every wing and tail feather out of paper and gluing them in place. All of the larger tail and flight feathers have a length of wire glued down them to add structure and shape.


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