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Paper & wood Sculptures

Handmade larger than life paper hummingbird sculpture.

from 475.00

This paper bird is hand made to order and as such each one takes time and is an individual one off piece.

This paper hummingbird sculpture is made from approx 300 hand cut paper feathers all cut out and feathered with scissors before being layered and glued one by one onto a wire skeleton frame.

The frame is hand made from copper craft wire which is then stuffed with filler and a papier mache skin is then layered on top onto which the paper feathers are arranged.

Once all the paper feathers are in place the hummingbird is hand painted with acrylic paints, some iridescent, to give them a lifelike sheen and vibrancy.

If you would like a different colour or species of hummingbird in a similar size then please ask as full customisation is available.

THere are two pricing options, one is for just the bird as a hanging mobile, the other for the bird displayed in flight within a glass dome bell jar measuring approx 54cm tall.

The hummingbird measures approx 39cm long, (from tip of beak to tip of tail feathers). The wing span is approx 20cm.

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Large hummingbird1.jpg
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