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Paper & wood Sculptures

Paper and wood Common Kingfisher sculpture

from 525.00

This item is made to order and as such may take a little longer than listed, please ask for waiting times, thank you. There are two pricing options available:

£525 for Bird alone

£625 for bird displayed on a branch mounted inside a bell jar

There are two options in pricing, one is for the bird alone, the other is for the kingfisher to be displayed on a branch mounted inside a bell jar.

Life size Common kingfisher made from paper and wood and then hand painted in Acrylic paints.

The body is hand carved from bass wood, the eyes are acrylic balls placed into sockets and little clay eyelids laid on top. Then each and every feather is hand cut with a pair of trusty scissors before being glued in place individually from the tail all the way up to the head. Once fully feathered I hand paint the whole bird with acrylic paints, some iridescent, adding all the details needed.

Legs are made from pose-able wire with floral tape covering them then painted.

If you would like him displayed in a certain way, or would like another pose then please just ask me.

The whole piece takes just over 60 hours to complete, fully handmade from scratch by myself.

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