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Handmade Paper Peregrine Falcon sculpture

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Life size hand made paper Peregrine Falcon sculpture.

This piece is completely handmade by Zack and took around 170 hours to make.

The skeleton is made from wire and was sculpted by hand, this ensures a good solid frame for the paper and clay to be attached to. From the framework Zack stuffed and added a skin to help fill out and prep for all the paper feathers.

The beak, feet and eyes are all hand sculpted with modelling clay.

Every feather is individually scissor cut and then attached to the framework, slowly building up the bird from tail to the beak, this layering effect creating what you see in the photos.

Lastly the piece is painted in acrylic paints and finished in a mat varnish to stop any damage from dust, moisture or sunlight.

If you have another bird of prey in mind then do get in touch with Zack as he loves a new bird to make, this can be in any pose and display option you as they are all made to order.

This bird comes as pictured but there is an option for different covers for the piece, made from clear acrylic or glass and wood.

Shipping to all over the world.

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