Paper & wood Sculptures

Hand made paper and wood European Robin on a branch installed in a glass bell jar.


Please note this item is made to order, allow time for making and shipping. If you are in a rush then please email Zack and he can try to accommodate your order. Waiting lists vary so please ask.

This piece is completely hand made from scratch by paper and wood artist Zack Mclaughlin, being a bespoke piece means if you have any customisations or alterations you would like to any part of this then just ask.

Zack has drawn out a complete blueprint for this piece from many sources, from this blueprint he starts by carving the body and head out of sheets of American tilla glued together, this is an easy to carve yet super hard wood.

Once the body is carved Zack will then add clay eye balls to the drilled out sockets onto which he then creates little eyelids out of air dry clay. The sturdy steel wire legs are drilled and glued to the correct place under the body. Once happy with the body shape, legs and eyes Zack moves on to the paper stage.

Again from his blueprints Zack will go about cutting out all the feathers for the wings and tail, carefully getting the shapes and scale right before gluing and layering them to make the wings and tail shape seen.

Into a cut out slot in the body the tail feathers are inserted and glued in place before all of the little body feathers are individually cut out, feathered with scissors and layered up the body from the tail. once about half way up the body Zack will then glue the folded paper wings into place, this is when the bird really starts to take shape!

Continuing up the body, under the belly and up the back, neck and lastly the head with tiny little hand cut feathers. Once fully feathered and happy with the texture and look, Zack will start to paint.

Painting all the little details with a tiny brush he uses acrylic paint for a lovely vibrant colour range, always using reference as he goes and then gloss varnish for the eyes, legs and beak.

Now the little guy is all ready to be mounted! Drilling a whole into the wooden base of the bell jar Zack will glue in some armature wire, from this base he will create the shape of the branch. On top of the wire Zack will then layer air dry clay and craft it to look like a natural branch. Once dry again acrylic paints are used to give it a realistic look.

The ends of the robin's wire legs are then wrapped around the branch tightly so they grip on before being glued into position, lastly little clay toes are made and painted to look as if the little bird is gripping on tight.

The whole process takes around 70 hours, attention to detail is very high. Zack always says, "Nature deserves attention to detail."

The Robin is life size, approx 13cm long. The bell jar has a base diameter of 22.5cm and the full standing height is 31cm.

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