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Handmade paper Yellow Canary sculpture

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Handmade Paper Yellow Canary is made to order so please allow time for your one of a kind paper bird to be created and shipped. Please email to ask about lead times -

This Yellow Canary is completely handmade from scratch from original blueprint designs created by Zack. Every detail has been meticulously designed to look just like the real bird. Each bird is made as life-size, Canaries measure approx 13cm from beak to tail.

The body is created with metal wire and tissue paper to form a skeleton onto which all the feathers can be attached. The beak and eyes are created from clay as are the legs over the top of a wire length for full pose-ability.

Next the paper tail feathers are cut out and glued together in the desired way to create a life-like tail for the Canary. next, starting from the base of the tail, over 200 hand cut paper feathers are scissored to look like feathers and layered up to create the effect you see in the pictures. Once up to the neck the large flight feathers are arranged in the correct way to recreate the wings of the bird and then another 150-300 feathers are cut and stuck from the wings right up to the birds beak, getting smaller the closer to the beak Zack gets.

Once all the feathers are in place Zack will go about painting up the feathers and adding any details necessary to make the bird look lifelike. The beak, legs and finally eyes are also painted with the final touch being the gloss varnish on the eyes to give them the life and sparkle of a live bird.

As this piece is made to order and each one is one of a kind, this means it is fully customisable, if you have a pose or colouring in mind that isn’t pictured then please just get in touch with Zack to ask.

Display options for this piece include:

  • Bird on it’s own as a stand alone piece, able to stand and be be fully pose-able on any surface.

  • Bird displayed inside a bell jar measuring 18cm tall, attached to the base of the bell jar securely.

  • Bird displayed on top of a unique bobbin attached to the base of the bell jar, bobbin to be chosen by customer.

  • Bird displayed on handmade clay and wire branch inside bell jar measuring 24cm tall. Branch is completely handmade and as such can be any shape or colour.

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