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Handmade paper and wood European Robin in flight sculpture

from 395.00

Handmade European Robin in flight sculpture, completely made by hand so please allow time for making. Three options for display are:

£395 for Bird as it is

£395 for bird as a hanging mobile, (with hoop in it’s back)

£495 for bird displayed inside a glass dome bell jar

Created from his own designs, Zack makes this Robin out of a block of wood, hand carving the piece to get the correct streamline shape for a robin in flight. Then wire legs are made and glued into place as well as the eye balls of the bird. Once the shape is right The next step is to cut out all the flight and tail feathers, by hand, and glue into place.

The next stage is to cut each and every feather out with scissors, this process takes some time and is started at the tail, working up to the beak. Each feather is totally different and unique.

Once fully feathered Zack will paint the bird with acrylic paints, using a fine paint brush to get all those little details just right. lastly the paper is sprayed with a matt varnish to protect and seal the paper from any outside damage.

Each robin is a one off and comes signed by the artist.

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