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Handmade and hand painted paper and wire Blue Morpho Butterfly

from 295.00

Made from paper, wood and wire, each butterfly is hand crafted and painted to your exact specifications.

There are three options:

£295 for butterfly alone

£395 for butterfly displayed in Bell jar

£395 for butterfly displayed in box frame

Each butterfly is made from scratch, from hand cut Tiziano pastel paper which is sandwiched over a wire skeleton that gives the butterfly it’s veins within the wings.

The body is hand carved from wood and the wings inserted into it, the legs and antennae are created using wire too.

The whole piece is hand painted using acrylic paints, some iridescent, to look like the species selected. Once painted the butterfly is mounted in your selected vessel.

The whole butterfly takes around 30-40 hours to make.

Whichever species or colour combination you have in mind, even a different way you would like the butterfly displayed, please just email for a quote: zack@paperandwood.co.uk  (link in the side bar).

Every butterfly is made as life size unless specified.

Bell jar measures 38cm tall with a base diameter of 22cm.

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