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Paper & wood Sculptures

Iridescent paper and wood bird sculpture

from 295.00

This is a completely hand made piece and made to order so please allow a little time for piece to be made before being shipped.

Being handmade from scratch means this piece is completely open to customisation, any colours or shape changes please just ask.

There are two options:

£295 bird on it’s own

£395 bird displayed in Box frame

The body is hand carved out of wood, sanded down to a smooth finish before the armatures for the wings are added. The wings and tail are completely made from paper, each feather hand cut with scissors before individually being glued in place.

Lastly the bird is painted up to your taste, the one pictured is loosely based on a Starling, painted in gold and iridescent acrylic paints.

Framed in a A3 size box frame as pictured. If you would like it to attach to the wall or be on a base, or simply as it is to lay wherever you like, again please just let me know.

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