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Paper & wood Sculptures

Hand made Paper Atlantic Puffin sculpture in bell jar


This handmade paper Puffin is life size and stands at 20cm tall approx. Each and every feather is hand cut with scissors before being glued in place one by one to get the layered effect pictured. As it is a handmade bespoke product please allow time to make as well as ship, waiting lists can apply too so please email to ask if you have a special occasion it is for.

The complete bird is made by myself, from the initial drawings right up to the very last stroke of paint.

The body is made from armature wire which i then stuff with tissue paper to bulk it out, then I make the beak and eyes out of air dry clay and acrylic balls.

Then working from the tail upwards i hand cut and feather every feather individually and glue each one in place, slightly overlapping each other so as to appear seamless.

Once fully feathered all the way up to the beak I paint all the details in with a small paint brush and acrylic paints.

The base is a round piece of wood into which I make a clay rock and add hobby grass and flowers, the puffin is then set into the rock and clay feet are modeled before all the last details are painted. There is a glass dome that covers the whole bird and protects it from dust.

If you have another pose you would like the puffin to be in then please do email me to ask, as it is a completely bespoke piece anything is possible.

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Puffin paper.jpg
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