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Paper & wood Sculptures

Hand cast Annas hummingbird with paper wings and tail

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These life size Annas hummingbirds are made to order and as such please allow time for them to be made.

Hand cast from original bodies made of clay these little hummingbirds have all the details cast and painstakingly painted up to look as realistic as possible. The wings and tails are made from paper with each individual feather cut out and glued in place before also being painted as pictured.

The hummingbirds are life size at approx 10cm in length. The base is solid wood with a length of metal wire holding them up so they appear to be flying. If you would prefer for them to be displayed in another way then please just ask.

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Annas male.jpg
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Annas hummingbird male.jpg
Annas hummingbird female.jpg
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