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Paper & wood Sculptures

Snow capped hummingbird in bell jar


Handmade paper and wood Snow capped hummingbird mounted inside a bell jar.

Once the body is hand carved out of wood I place a tough plastic resin beak into the head and inlay acrylic balls for eyes followed by clay eyelids.

Then each and every little paper feather is hand cut with scissors and glued in place layered from the tail up to head. The design is all from blueprint drawings I have designed especially for this hummingbird.

Once fully feathered I paint all of the details with acrylic paints, some iridescent for a lovely shine. Then I add some gloss varnish to the eyes for a nice lifelike sparkle.

Lastly i mount the hummingbird within it's bell jar as pictured.

If you would like a different species or pose please do just ask, also if you would like it displayed differently just email me your request.

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wedding hummer3.jpg
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