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Paper & wood Sculptures

Paper, wood and resin Ruby throated Hummingbird sculpture


MADE TO ORDER. Custom orders available.

This little life-size Hummingbird sculpture is completely handmade from scratch down to every detail. I don't have any in stock so there is a slight waiting time on each piece. Each bird takes me between 30-40 hours to complete.

The body is cast from an original mold I carved out of wood. The body is cast in Plastic resin, the beak is a carved wooden dowel that is set into the head of the sculpture.

After the body is made I go about making and attaching the wire feet and wing arms, these are drilled and glued into the body.

Tail feathers, wing feathers and all body feathers are hand cut from paper and glued in place. Example of size of some of the feathers in the pictures.

Once all the feathers are in place I go about painting the hummingbird up with acrylic paints, some iridescent for a bright and lifelike finish. If you have a colour scheme or species in mind that you would like me to make then please just ask.

Each hummingbird comes with a little brass hoop hidden between the wings for hanging wherever you choose. If you have other display ideas please email me to discuss.

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ruby throated hummingbird4.jpg
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ruby throated hummingbird.jpg
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