Paper & wood Sculptures

Paper and wood small bird of your choice on branch


This is a made to order custom listing, please email me before ordering at: to specify which bird you would like and how you would like it displayed. Each bird is made from scratch so please allow time for your piece to be made.

The little bird pictured is a Black-faced Grassquit, he was made entirely from scratch, the body carved out of wood with acrylic eyeballs set in to the head and clay eyelids over the top. The legs are made out of craft wire and set into the body before a layer of air-dry clay is crafted on top to look like legs.

The feathers are all hand cut out of 220gsm pastel paper, each and every feather is cut out, feathered, glued in place and then hand painted to give the bird more life.

The whole bird was then attached to his branch, the branch pictured is hand made from craft wire and air-dry clay, detailed and painted up to look real. Once attached I made the feet out of clay and finished hand painting the whole bird with acrylic paints and a gloss varnish to give the eyes life and sparkle.

If you have a favorite small bird that you would like me to make and display in a certain way please just ask and we can go from there. Any further questions please do ask.

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