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Paper & wood Sculptures

Paper and wood Anna's Hummingbird sculpture


MADE TO ORDER. Custom orders available.

This little life-size Hummingbird sculpture is completely hand made from scratch down to every detail. I don't have any in stock so there is a slight waiting time on each piece. Each bird takes me between 50-60 hours to complete.

The body is hand carved from layered bass wood, eye sockets are hollowed out and then acrylic plastic balls are stuck in for eyes. After that I create clay eyelids with air-dry clay.

Next I will create tiny wire arms for the wing feathers to attach to, these are drilled and stuck into the body ready for feathers to be attached.

The next step is when I cut every feather on the tail, wings and body out of paper, (pictured on my fingertip) I then start with the tail feathers attaching them and gluing them all to the body. The tail feathers have a length of craft wire glued to them for structure and shape. Once fully feathered the little hummingbird is ready for painting.

I Paint the hummingbird in acrylic paints, some are iridescent to give the feathers a beautiful bright shine. If you have a particular colour scheme or species in mind then please ask, I will paint it to your specifications. I spray the whole bird with a matte varnish to protect the colour and paper from tarnishing.

The hummingbird comes with a little brass hoop hidden between the wings ready for hanging. If you have another idea for displaying your little hummingbird please just email me to discuss.

Everything about this little bird is customizable so please just ask if you have any special requests.

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Anna's hum1.jpg
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