Handmade paper and wood Goldfinch Bell Jar light.


MADE TO ORDER. Custom orders available.

This slightly larger than life goldfinch is completely hand made from scratch and so there will be a slight waiting time on each piece after ordered. A goldfinch bell jar will take between 50-60 hours to complete, customisation available, please just ask.

the body and head of this goldfinch is handcarved from layered sheets of Bass wood, the eye sockets are hollowed out and acrylic plastic balls set in for the eyes. The eyelids are then created from air dry clay.

Holes are drilled for the wire wing arms and legs, both sets are fitted and fixed in place before the body and face are painted up with acrylic paints.

Next is the lengthy process of cutting out and creating all the wing and tail feathers from paper. The tail is fixed in first, then the wings, details drawn and painted in, again with acrylic paints. Then to finish off the bird I spray it with a matte varnish to seal and protect the paintwork and paper.

Lastly a hole is drilled in the birds lower back which is then used to mount onto wire which attaches to the light bulb fitting within the bell jar. A low wattage vintage bulb is included so there isn't too much heat inside the bell jar. 

There is a choice of bell jar bases, black, white, grey or plain wood, please just ask. Any other specifications you may have please don't hesitate to email me. 

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