My first wedding install!


Paper & Wood’s first wedding!

Handmade paper wedding decorations.

So a while back, last spring to be exact, a lovely couple got in touch after walking past our Jo Malone London paper secret garden on Regent street. They loved all the paper flowers and were getting married in February of the next year. After meeting them and discussing what they would like for their special day I went about designing and creating samples of paper Ivy and roses, as Ivy signifies eternity and the rose was their favourite flower.

Wedding cabinet.jpg
wedding storm jar.jpg

The venue they chose had a lovely large cabinet at the back of the ceremony room, so this needed to be filled with flowers, I wanted the Ivy and roses to look as they have been growing wild inside the cabinet for years and taken it over in the amazing way nature does. The lovely couple also wanted me to design table centre pieces, they had storm jars already but wanted me to decorate them somehow, again, I wanted it to feel quite natural and so I designed a spiral of Ivy for each one, as if growing up and around the jar to signify eternity.

Another thing to design and make where the table place names, the top of a mantlepiece and something for people to write lovely messages for the couple on the day. Luckily they loved all of my ideas and designs and so I got right into making them.


In total we had 1500 ivy leaves to cut out and paint, 70 large roses to make and over 40m of wire to florist tape and attach all the leaves and flowers to…. The studio was soon taken over!


It was a lot of work but I had a fab team working with me on this and before long we had metres and metres of Ivy and rose bush, I really love when it all seems to grow in the studio.

Once all the bits were made we boxed it all up and loaded it in a huge van to take it off to the wedding venue.

When onsite we got busy unloading it all and straight into installing, there was a lot to do but we were confident in what needed doing and so it went pretty smoothly! Everyone there was so lovely and super helpful, before we knew it we had installed our first wedding!

paper petals.jpg
ivy centrepiece.jpg
paper rose place names.jpg

I loved designing, making and installing this wedding, it was such a pleasure to work with such a lovely couple and create something for their special day.