The Barbour campaign is live!

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Head over to Barbour's blog page to find photos of a campaign we worked together on for their new range of lightweight wax jackets. There is also an interview where I go into details of why I do what I do. Link here:

Working on an exciting campaign with Babour jackets!

Barbour design rough.jpg

Roughs for a new campaign for Barbour's lightweight SS18 range of jackets.

I'm extremely excited to share with you guys that I have been working on a new campaign with Barbour jackets for their latest range of lightweight wax jackets! A nice open brief in which they wanted me to create a sculpture that symbolises lightweight whilst using their new lightweight wax material within it. I was given a week to produce the piece in which time a time lapse camera was set up in my studio to capture the design and build process.

So I obviously went for birds in my design! But I was drawn to starlings as the colouring of them was really suited to the wax material colours. Also, the week before I had been down to Teignmouth in Devon and whilst sitting having a coffee on the front a beautiful murmuration of starlings started up and I was mesmerised! This sparked the design above, a murmuration of starlings that from one direction resembled the shape of a Barbour jacket. This proved far too ambitious to produce in a week, but I did produce something along the same lines..... More soon!

For more info and details on the jackets head here:

Paper bird making workshop

Had such a fun day making paper birds this Saturday! Just have a look through this gallery to see how well everyone did! Each started with just paper, scissors and my bird making kit and all made their own little Hummingbird or Barn owl. Each one turned out so differently with their own colour patterns and quirks.

I love teaching these workshops as they give me the chance to meet some really lovely people and pass on my paper crafting skills to them, so rewarding to see them leave with their own little creations and new found skills.

If you would like to have a go and come along to one of these workshops please have a look here to find out more details and dates:

Weekend workshop at Heals.

Copper wire wren.jpg

Copper wire Wren sculpture.

Had a lovely workshop for 27 people on Saturday at the beautiful Heal's furniture store on Tottenham court road. Everyone who attended either made a Hare, Robin, Sparrow or Wren, (as pictured) from 0.9 and 0.5mm craft wires.

The process takes around 2-3 hours to make one sculpture and can get quite fiddly, but nobody leaves until they have finished their little creations and they stand proudly all on their own.

I love running these workshops as I get to meet such a lovely people and get to see them create something they are truly proud of.



To book a place or just to see what workshops I have coming up, head over to the workshops page listed on the drop down menu. Or just click here:

Look forward to seeing you there!