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Paper bird making with Zack Mclaughlin of Paper & Wood 26th October


In this 5 and a half hour class Zack Mclaughlin of Paper & Wood will teach you many techniques in working with paper to create lifelike feathers and ultimately a paper bird of your own.

When you arrive you will each receive a bird kit of your very own worth £45, choose from either a hummingbird or a mini barn owl, (as pictured above) I will email you once booked to ask which kit you would like on the day.

Included in the kit is: instructions, templates, coloured paper, tracing paper, glue, craft wire and a plastic resin body with wire feet and hoop for hanging.

There will be scissors and scalpels here but if you have a favorite pair of scissors then please bring them along, comfort is everything when you'll be cutting all day!

Zack will start the session with an introduction to what he does as well as a little tour of his work space and what he is currently working on, from here he will go through the processes he uses to create his paper bird sculptures. Starting with the study and drawings, then onto how you will create each feather for your bird with nothing more than a pair of scissors. From the large Primary flight feathers right down to the smallest fluffy plumage.

Five and a half hours won't be long enough to complete your paper bird but you will learn all you need to be able to finish off the last bits on your own and then go on to make many more.

You don't need to bring anything along, but if you have scissors and paper you would like to use then please feel free to bring them. Snacks and refreshments will be provided too, but if you'd like to bring a substantial lunch to aid the creative process then please do.

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