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Build your own bird kit

Build your own Mini Barn owl sculpture kit

from 45.00

This kit has all you need to create your very own paper feathered, mini Barn owl sculpture. Video tutorials and any help you may need will be readily available, links given when ordered.

Kit includes:

  • Hand-cast plastic resin owl body with wire wing arms and metal wire feet.
  • Full templates for wing and tail feathers.
  • Detailed instructions on how to create your mini masterpiece.
  • 200gsm coloured paper for the feathers.
  • Sheets of tracing paper.
  • Tube of paper glue.
  • Small brass hoop for hanging.

All you need is a craft knife, a pair of scissors and your creativity.

Size of the owls body is 8cm long, 3cm wide and 3.5cm deep.

Estimated wingspan when feathered is 29cm, 11.4 inches approx.

Body type:
owl on blue background.jpg